What should I wear during a treatment?
Myofascial Release works best with my hands on your skin. I always recommend that my female patients bring a tank top or gym shorts or a two-piece bathing suit to change into, or if they are comfortable enough, they may be treated in bra and panties. Male patients may bring a pair of shorts or swim trunks or be treated in their briefs or boxers. Please choose whichever option allows you to be the most comfortable given your personal sense of modesty.

Do I need a prescription to see you?
Here in New York, there is direct access for physical therapy for up to10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first. After which you are required by NY  State law to have a prescription for physical therapy treatment.

Do you participate with my insurance?
At this time I am out-of-network with all insurance. Depending on out of network coverage for your insurance, your visits may be reimbursable. I will gladly provide you with documentation of my services to give to your insurance provider or to submit to flex spending or HSA account. I always recommend that you call your insurance company to find out if you can be reimbursed for your visits.

Why should I pay to see you instead of using my insurance?
This is a question only you can answer. What you will get in my treatment session is undivided attention for a full hour of treatment. You will learn a new stretch or self-treatment activity to help you maintain your progress or possibly make progress at home between visits.You will have an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered fully. This will give you the chance to learn as much as you like about your body and what is going on inside it. You will receive outstanding myofascial release techniques  that I have spent a great deal of time studying and performing and a series of stretches, exercises and self-treatment techniques tailored to the specific issues going on in your body.  I will not repeat the same thing time after time hoping your body with just “get better”. You are the expert of your body, my goal is to get you beck in the “driver’s seat” so You can return to an active, pain free life.

Finally, when you consider the costs of going to traditional physical therapy three times per week and the copay required at each visit, you may find the difference in cost may not be what you anticipated.

Can I see you if I am pregnant?
YES! Pregnancy is a time of great change in a woman’s body and with great change can come pain and discomfort. Both physical therapy and massage can be very beneficial throughout the pregnancy and even after as your body will begin to shift again after delivery.

Pregnancy massage can give your body relief from tightness and soreness that is generalized or all over your body. If you have a consistent specific pain, myofascial release treatments may assist your body in adapting to the changes you are going through. Pillows can be used to allow a pregnant woman to lie comfortably supported on her stomach or side. This allows you to spend some time in a position that has been unavailable and it allows a way to work the back muscles in a more relaxed state.

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